As there are internet laws there are of course internet lawyers. They are also known as cyberspace lawyers and they deal primarily with websites and their creation and online businesses. Internet lawyers work in the same way as real world lawyers and will represent you in court if a case goes that far, filing any necessary paperwork along the way.


Why would you need an internet lawyer?

There are many reasons that you might need an internet lawyer. The internet is well populated with criminals and bad eggs who might try and take advantage of you or rip you off, just like in real life.

You might have problems with a domain name you wish to purchase or have purchased but find that it doesn’t work or is already actually in use by someone else. You could experience difficulties with online business rules and regulations. You could be having a privacy issue where somebody has violated your privacy by either talking about you, possible with the intent of defaming your character (there is a chance that it could be libellous in addition), or posting an embarrassing photograph of you you would rather not see online. You could have problems with censorship issues. Or you could have had your intellectual property stolen – this could be an idea, or a photo you took or someone could have plagiarised an entire blog post or news article you wrote.

These are all areas where internet lawyers can help you. They can also help you if you have any general questions about internet law, a legal world which changes very quickly due to new services  and practices which become commonplace there.


The cost of an internet lawyer

Lawyers can be costly and online lawyers are no different to their real world counterparts. Some internet layers will charge a flat fee for their services whereas others will charge by the hour. Rates can vary dramatically and it is always best to seek full clarification of any eventual costs before engaging their services officially.


Working with an internet lawyer

If you have no experience of working with lawyers then don’t panic, there’s nothing to worry about. If you do have some experience then you might find them very similar to business lawyers A lot of business law and internet law overlaps, particularly relating to false marketing and business operating procedures and the like.

Outcomes can vary depending on the kind of issue and the severity of the crime. In cases of intellectual property theft, the perpetrator may just be issued with a cease and desist order and made to pay a fine, or you might have to attend a court hearing.

The laws of the internet are still in their infancy, many of them borrowed from real world laws for convenience, but they are constantly evolving and changing, so it is best to take things as they come as there is no real hard and fast rule for a lot of cases. You can still be sure that you are protected by law for most things though.


Fair trials

Your internet lawyer will always try to ensure you get a fair trial when representing you and they will make sure any legal paperwork is in order so you don’t need to think about it.

As with any other service you might consider using it pays to read reviews first and internet lawyers are no different. Find one who comes strongly recommended rather than a cheap one to be in with a much better chance of winning your case.